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Bramblin On Photography

Owner/Photographer: Gina A Bramble

Biography: Photography has been a love of mine for as long as I can remember. I’m a business professional working on that second career.  I live in rural Georgia with my hubby Kelly, our rescue dog Chopper Chopper Porkchopper, and cat JuneBug on our farm “Bramble’s Way”. My horse Simon is boarded at TRL Farm aka Diamond Dressage in Bold Springs, GA. I’m an equestrian, love to travel, family oriented and love, love, love hanging with my girlfriends. Landscape photography is my passion and it is my primary offering, but I dabble in other areas too. I’m available for outdoor individual/family portrait, outdoor wedding engagement, outdoor wedding, pet and consignment engagements including real estate. Feel free to browse my SHOP FOR PHOTOS and contact me if you have any questions on a purchase. My site is a work in progress right now, so please bare with me while it evolves.

Email: Please contact me at bramblinonphotography[at]gmail.com to schedule a session. The [at] represents the @ symbol. 

ViewBug: https://www.viewbug.com/member/BramblinOnPhotography

Pet Photography
Chopper aka Porkchop
Simon Says print for sale.
Simon Says aka Simon
Pet Photography
Junebug aka Bug Bug