Field Of Sunflowers

Field of Sunflowers print for sale.

Today’s feature photo is “Field of Sunflowers”. I shot this sunflower field at Chandlers Farm in Good Hope, GA. The Chandlers plant this sunflower field every year and I have had the pleasure of shooting it for the past three years. I met Debbie the first year and she and her hubby were gracious enough to let me wander around and shoot at my leisure. This year they raised a 20′ x 50′ American Flag up at the back of the field and it was a sight to see. Very…

Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light print for sale.

Today’s feature photo is “Portland Head Light”. It’s a shot of the Portland Head Light lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, ME. This lighthouse is the most photographed lighthouse in Maine. It was a cloudy day, but the sun managed to peek out just long enough for me to take this gorgeous shot. I would highly recommend a trip to Portland and the surrounding area to view this beauty. Maine is a beautiful state and offers many photo opportunities, so get out there and take them. Please note you can purchase my…


Simplicity print for sale.

Today’s feature photo is “Simplicity”. It’s a shot of my beloved St Joe Beach after the beast storm Hurricane Michael brutalized our area on Oct 10, 2018. Five months later our area is still in recovery mode and will be for many years to come. Michael was the storm of the century and affected many peoples lives. We are a strong community and we will survive, but it has taken it’s toll on many, many people. Our area’s beauty will return, but it will take awhile. Please note you can…

Winter Courthouse

Winter Courthouse print for sale.

Today’s feature photo is “Winter Courthouse”. There’s something about living in a small town or community. This is the historic Walton Co GA courthouse located in Monroe, GA. I love shooting it in any season, so you will see it on my site occasionally, as I’m kind of partial to my little town now. Monroe isn’t my hometown, but we have lived in the area for many years now and I have adopted it. I has come a long way since I was a teenager and lived in the next county…

It’s all in your Perspective

It's all in your Perspective print for sale

Today’s feature photo is “It’s all in your Perspective”. My Dad passed yesterday and it’s been a tough couple of days. I just need to remember that it all in your perspective. I live a fabulous life and love it dearly. I just bought a used Fisheye lens and I must say it’s a challenge. I look forward to shooting some different styles of photography with the lens. Hope you enjoy! So remember always look to the positive and not the negative. Be the light always the light.  Please note…

Red Barn Farm

Red Barn Farm print for sale.

Today’s featured photo is “Red Barn Farm”. The farm is located on Hwy 81 in Bold Springs, GA. It has always been a favorite farm of mine. I admire it every time I pass it by. I happened to be driving home yesterday around sunset and had my camera with me, so I pulled over and snapped a few pictures. The farm is well taken care of and they just finished painting all of the barns the lovely red color that I have always associated barns with since I was…

Simon Says

Simon Says print for sale.

My horse “Simon Says”. Simon is in training to be a dressage horse and he is really enjoying his job. He is a ghost paint. He is a grey, but you can see his coloring when he is wet or if he has been clipped in the winter. He has very unusual coloring for a paint even though he has black and white skin he only grows white/grey hair. This is an example of a black background portrait. I’m available for horse/dog/cat portraits and I can edit to have the…

It’s a New Year

It's a New Year

“It’s a New Year” Happy New Year! To celebrate the new year I am offering 10% off any portrait sessions booked between Jan 1st and Jan 31st. This includes Engagement/Wedding/Senior/Family sessions. They don’t have to be shot during this period just scheduled. Dates will be held with a deposit. So take advantage of this special for your up and coming events this year. Email me at or you can check out my rates by clicking on the Portrait link above. God bless everyone and here’s to a wonderful 2019!…

Little Piece of Serenity

Little Piece of Serenity print for sale.

Today’s feature photo “Little Piece of Serenity” was taken at Serenity Creek Equestrian Center. SCEC feels like home to me. I have been a member of the SCEC family for 10+ years. I got an early Christmas present of a new lens for my camera and could not wait to try it out. Boy did SCEC not disappoint. I’ve taken many pictures of this upper pond on the property through out the years, but this one really shows the fall/winter beauty of the area. Please note you can purchase my…

At the Farm

At the Farm print for sale.

Today’s feature photo “At the Farm” was taken at my new barn that I board my horse Simon. TRL Farm aka Diamond Dressage is a small boarding facility in Bold Springs, GA. It specializes in Dressage training for horse and rider. I’m very pleased with Simon’s progress so far. He is becoming the Dressage pony extraordinaire. The facility is run by a wonderful family that takes great care of our precious horses. I look forward to many years of happiness here. © Bramblin On Photography 2022 At the Farm