Mountain Sunrise

Mountain Sunrise print for sale.

Today’s feature photo is “Mountain Sunrise”. I shot this sunrise at my sister’s mountain house in the Persimmon community in Clayton, GA. The view is always spectacular, but I awoke early this morning to catch the sunrise in all of it’s glory. It was a sister’s weekend to celebrate my 60th birthday a little late, as I was on vacation in June when my birthday came around. Don’t forget to wake up early to catch a beautiful sunrise where ever you are at. It can make your morning and day to see such beauty.  Please note you can purchase my work by using the “SHOP FOR PHOTOS” link at the top of my site or if you are interested in this print then just click on the link below “Out and About – Mountain Sunrise”. Enjoy! © Bramblin On Photography 2024

Out and About – Mountain Sunrise

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