MWCA Photography 101 – Class One

MWCA Photography 101 – Class One – I just finished teaching my first photography course at The Monroe-Walton Center for the Arts. It was a 4 week course in the month of February that met on Saturdays from 11:00 am to 12:30pm. We used the art center facility classrooms as our meeting place.

It started with learning the basics of the photography triangle of exposure. We focused on aperture, shutter speed, and ISO and how they interact with each other. I encouraged my students to move away from Auto mode and start with using Av (aperture priority) or Tv (time value i.e. shutter speed priority) modes where they decided which setting to set and let their cameras set the rest automatically.

We moved forward and learned about composition and a few of the different ways to compose photos using the rule of thirds, leading lines, fill the frame, reflections, etc… I assigned projects each session and we reviewed during class what worked and what didn’t. We had a field trip to one of the students farms to shoot outdoors and use our newly learned skills. Also, we shot around town and in the art center itself. The class does include lots of hands on camera work.

I will be teaching a quarterly photography class at this year, so if you are interested go by the art center, leave your name and contact info, so you can be contacted when the next is scheduled. I’m thinking late April/early May for the next class. There is a maximum of six students each 4 week session. Look forward to see you!

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This slideshow is from each of the students and I am very proud of their photos and artistry.

Click on the photo below to view the slideshow!

Bramblin On Photography slideshow of MWCA Photography 101 - Class One

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