The Mighty Redwoods

Today’s featured photo is “The Mighty Redwoods”. The hubby and I enjoyed our visit to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks in CA in August of 2021. This was our first trip via airplane since the COVID pandemic began in 2020. We are lovers of all National Parks and honestly Kings and Sequoia NP’s did not disappoint.

The wild fires made for a very smoky visit which I always have issues with, but did manage to survive even though it took me several weeks after our visit to finally clear my lungs. This photo was taken the Summer of 2021 in Sequoia NP and the redwoods are amazing and definitely did not disappoint. Please note you can purchase my work by using the “SHOP FOR PHOTOS” link at the top of my site or if you are interested in this print then just click on the link below. Enjoy! © Bramblin On Photography 2024

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